Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fourth Grade Op Art

Fourth grade artists made 3D cubes out of their Op Art this year.     

They took six (6inch x 6inch) pieces of Op Art and connected them to make a cube. Some of the students used a few Op Art handout to complete the project.  The introduction to this art lesson includes learning about the famous Op artists Bridget Riley and Victor Vassarelly.

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To make this type of op art the students started by drawing small shapes as obstacles on their paper. Next they repeated each shape until they started running into each other. When that happened they decided how to complete their art. I did give some suggestions for the students that were a little unsure of what to do. Filling in some of the shapes that are left creates a nice contrast. 

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  1. hi cutshall! i teach art (MYP) in an IB school, (vadodara, india)& planing to do an exercise on op art. came across your blog while googling about op art. really liked the idea of making cubes with op images. may be i will send some images of my students when they are done. thank you for sharing.
    best wishes