Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Line, Shape, Pattern, Value Name Project - Fifth Grade

Patterns can make a drawing so interesting and fun to look at! 

Fifth grade artist chose an animal or object to draw in pencil using LINES to create the SHAPES that make up what they chose. They were instructed to fill the SPACE of their paper in an interesting way. 

Next they wrote the letters of their first name inside the shape. They tried to stretch the LINES 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Our awesome student teacher, Miss Flanagan, did these colorful clay creatures with
the fourth grade artists. Everyone loves them! 

Miss Flanagan introduced the lesson with an excellent demonstration on creating a pinch pot and using the opening as the clay creatures mouth. She noted the importance of slipping and scoring every piece they added to their creatures.
Miss Flanagan had water containers at the tables for the artists
 to moisturize the clay when it became dry.
The ideas the student artists came up with were so creative!
When they were grouped together they were rather creepy, in a good way.
Each creature was unique. The excitement of their creations motivated the
students to write about their creatures. They included their creatures name, where they 
came from, what they are, and much more.

Congratulations Miss Flanagan on an outstanding art lesson!
I plan on continuing this lesson with my students next year.