Friday, February 18, 2011

5th Grade Impressionistic Landscapes

Our 5th grade artists have been WOWing me with their impressionistic techniques!
We started this lesson by viewing the entertaining video Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists, Claude Monet. After the video we play a review game. The amount of information they remember from the video to ask each other questions about always amazes me.

The next art class each student chooses a Claude Monet art print of a landscape to study as the students render their own with pencil and oil pastels. They can change anything they wish. It usually takes one more art class for them to complete their landscape.

 Each student artist develops their own impressionistic style. By the time they are finished they have really had a chance to study their print closely.

The hall display looks great. The student art work is hung with prints by Claude Monet and a poster on information about him.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Around the World Intramural (Week 2) - Africa

The second country we explored was Africa. One of the art forms in Africa is the creative dying of material. Our artists got a tie dye effect on socks by using sharpies and rubbing alcohol. Mrs. Beck and I  dripped rubbing alcohol on the designs to cause the colors to bleed out to resemble tie dye. This method was used since our time was limited.

Some of our artists decided to make orange and black Central SPIRIT socks. They always come up with the best ideas!

They had a great time playing African drums and learning an African song!