Sunday, January 23, 2011

4TH GRADE Vincent Van Gogh Inspired Still Life

4th Grade artists at Sinking Springs create amazing pastell still life pieces! Each step taken in the process of making them is so interesting.

1. We begin by viewing the entertaining video, Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists, Vincent Van Gogh. After the video we play a review game until the end of the class period. Our 4th grade artists have great recall of what they viewed!
2. The next class period we draw a still life with a pencil on dark colored paper. Vincent Van Gogh's, "Sunflowers", as well as other art prints and a collection of silk flowers are used for inspiration.
3.  When the drawing is complete we outline what we have drawn with Elmer's glue to create a texture. The still life projects laid out flat to dry for the next art class.

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