Thursday, October 24, 2013

TEXTURE - Metal Repoussé - 6th Grade

Sinking Springs 6th grade artists created non-objective or symbolic, metal repoussé designs that focused on line, pattern, and TEXTURE. 
Repoussé is a type of low relief sculpture in which form projects from a background. Repoussé is a French word which means to push. 

Using the Repoussé method, students created their metal reliefs by pushing the metal foil with dull pencils and wooden tools.  Completed foil designs were then "antiqued" using black india ink and steel wool, and/or coloring with sharpie markers. 

Next, students matted their artwork and were presented with the challenge
of continuing their 3-D design onto the 2-D surface of their construction paper using color pencils and/or metallic markers.


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