Monday, October 8, 2012

Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs

This project was actually done last March. As I was looking through my project photos I realized it was never posted. I think the results for last years Hex Signs are particularly successful. The student artists were directed to create a traditional or modern design for a Hex Sign.

 In fourth grade our students study Pennsylvania. As an introduction to this lesson we talked about the Pennsylvania Dutch and how they made many types of folk art to decorate their surroundings. One form of folk art they made was hex signs. Hex signs are usually designed in a round or radial shape. 
The fourth grade student artists were given handouts on PA Dutch Hex sign designs. We talked about how some of them are symmetrical, some have borders, and others have images of things they were familiar with. We also talked about how the PA Dutch painted their hex signs with bright colors. Certain colors were also considered symbolic.

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